Thursday, 2 June 2016


A hidden gems in one of the lanes near Wilson College. It’s a small casual dining food joint, with a menu of a fine dining restaurant. They have a lot to offer, right from wraps and sandwiches to Tex-Mex to Italian to Asian and Oriental, they have a pretty vast menu.

Now you vegetarians have a place where you can take your non-vegetarian friends along. Although it is a vegetarian restaurant, the quality and taste of the food will also make the non-vegetarians come back and eat here.

The idea of having a pure vegetarian menu is to let vegetarians enjoy some international cuisines! A lot of vegetarians do not prefer going to a non-veg restaurant and not many restaurants in Mumbai have an all veg menu with international, especially Mexican cuisine! They also serve Jain food.

It was started a year and a half back with a vision of serving international cuisines suited for the Indian taste palates. While you can enjoy your Asian, Mexican or Italian food here, you won’t miss out on the flavors because it has that special Indian touch to it !

Given the vast menu, we wanted to order a lot of things, and yes we did since it was so pocket-friendly inspite of being located in a place like Chowpaty. A perfect place for people of any age group, especially teenagers as a cool drink on a hot summer day after college won’t hurt anybody. Yes, they have some really amazing coolers and shakes.

There is a personal touch in each dish, as they make all their curries and pastes in-house and recipes are developed in-house too.

All the dishes were served one by one on our table.  And we started with their shakes.

Tender berry shake which is their speciallity, took me back to my childhood with it’s sweet flavor like frutella candy! It is a mix of berry concentrate, soda, lemon juice and mint leaves and is extremely refreshing!

And, Mango Mocktail, made out of fresh mango and pineapple, which is served throughout the year, was a total bliss. It is a perfect blend of mango and pineapple pulp. Each sip gives you a taste of mango and a tint of pineapple. The drink is topped with nuts, which makes it even tastier.

Refreshing drinks, what else can you ask for on a sunny day?


We had their signature dish, which is Mexican Mex-wich. It is a deep fried sandwich filled with Mexican beans, cottage cheese, crispy nachos topped with tangy salsa, sour cream and yummy cheese sauce. It is garnished with jalapeños. Its presentation was so good, it made it even more appetizing! It is a must have as you won’t find this in other places!

Then came the Crackling Spinach with Paneer. Even the ones who hate green leafy vegetables won’t be disappointed. It is flavorsome cottage cheese sprinkled with delicious amount of crispy spinach

Then we had Taquitos, which are deep fried tortillas in the shape of cones with Mexican fillings. It is totally delicious and is served with sour cream and a sauce.

We tried their corn cheese and capsicum momos. You will enjoy that if you like cheesy and bland momos.

We also wanted to try their Italian cuisine, so we had penne pasta in pesto sauce which was a delight with perfect flavors and so smooth and cheesy. It was served with garlic bread.

It was then followed by Kung Pao potatoes, which was my favorite and was nothing like the Kung pao that you have in other restaurants. Since it is made in-house, they have a special touch to it making it so delectable that you will keep craving for more!

Then we had their burritos, which we were looking forward for since the beginning! We ordered their Miniature Big Daddy Burritos. It is a roll filled with Mexican beans, rice, bell peppers, Kung Pao potatoes (our favorite), chilli paneer and sautéed zucchini. I would say, it was a perfect fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors!

Finally, we ended our meal with their specialty dessert, chocolate rolls with ice cream. The rolls were oozing with chocolate sauce and were sprinkled with chocolate chips. It was served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was just perfect!

If you want to savor something different or are looking for some fusion food, then Kurries & Burries is the place you should be heading to!


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