Saturday, 11 June 2016


Where was this place hidden from me from so long ,This micro brewery in sector 29 , Gurgaon is doing wonders, it brings out a totally cool concept , i was literally amazed with the wonderful interiors and the scrumptious food of this place.

With the delectable food the place provides you with coworking space with basic facilities like internet connectivity and a separate charger plug hanging above every table.

The place is huge with rightly done interiors and has classy aura all over.
The staff was well trained and were very polite and efficient and knew about the dishes which is really appreciable.

Volume of music was good enough to have a good conversation .

In drinks there are not many options in mocktails   , we had -

Virgin mojito- very less places do it right , either the mojito is very sweet or very sour but this was nothing less than perfect.

Virgin sangria was equally good .basically it's a drink with various juices mixed with sliced apple.

Factory blast - an amazing mocktail with thr mixture of guava juice , tabasco, black salt ,a perfect drink for summers.

In food we ordered-

Dilli 6 - okay , so we started with this lite dish dilli 6 , bharwa golgappas with stuffing done with delicious bhelpuri , curd , mint and tamarind sauce , very well presented were very luscious.

Hummus and pita - so beautifully presented , this was something to linger on for long . Very yummy.

Vada pao- not a huge vada pao fan but i totally loved it , so good that you'll end up ordering it more.

Chicken tandoori platter - A platter with succulent pieces of chicken which were perfectly marinated were served with spicy onion and mint sauce adding spice to this delish platter.

Paneer tikka- my favourite amongst all , lip smacking paneer , full of indian flavours , a perfect delight!!

Spring Rolls- Gooey, delectable and perfectly balanced flavors. A delightful appetizer.

Coming to the main course, we had a platter which had various kinds of breads like lacha parantha, butter naan and had dal makhani, paneer makhani and green chutney and onions. This was the vegetarian platter which was something else. I mean it was so droolworthy and heavenly and I cant even explain how wonderful it was. I loved the yummy flavors it had and the dal makhani completely bowled us over. It was just so so good. We were unable to stop ourselves from drooling over it. 

Then we had the same platter but with butter chicken and not the vegetarian gravies. This butter chicken was so ambrosial and out of this world. One of the best butter chickens I've ever had and nope I am not exaggerating. Eventually i ended up finishing the entire plate by myself and that too without any regrets. You cannot miss their butter chicken for sure. 

The desserts we ordered were 
Tiramisu, which was just perfect. Being a tiramisu fan and being a big critic when it comes to my favorite dessert, I honestly loved this one. Highly recommended. 

Choco lava cake with ice cream was amazing. Gooey and delectable. 

Apple crumble was picked by my friend but I didn't like it too much. But my friends did. 

All in all factory by sutra is a lovely place where you can have a wonderful afternoon or a romantic evening on their terrace. I loved their quick service and their presentation too was a treat to the eye. 

A place you should definitely not miss. 


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