Sunday, 6 November 2016

I AM CLASSY feat. Not Just Tiaras

Not Just Tiaras is an online portal (find them on instagram-,
which is selling some really brilliant products like watches, neck pieces, lipkits, clothes and more. 

I got the opportunity to try some of their exclusive products and I can't be more happy. Their way of placing the order is very easy and their delivery was so on point. 

The three products I tried were


This indo western neck piece became my favorite even before ordering it and the moment I tried it on, I was in love. First of all, it is so quirky yet so ethnic and goes perfectly well with any indian outfit or a modern one. I wore it with my favorite black top and there was nothing as suitable as this neck piece to compliment my outfit. You can wear it on anything that's black and your entire look will drastically change. 

>>Look book coming soon <<



I am a huge kylie jenner fan and getting this in my mail made me so so happy. This lipkit is a heaven for any lipstick fan. The lip liner is smooth and perfectly sharpened but very soft on the lips and the lipstick is everything that one can say. My crimsoned lips were so mesmerising and i received so many compliments on the very first day of using this product. The lipstick is gloosy and completely slips on the lips and once its dry, it looks so sexy on the lips and stay on for the entire day. 

Kourt K really looked gorgeous on my lips and i know it will look brilliant on yours too. Go ahead and try it now. 


This good looking bralette is everything a girl needs. So comfortable, beautiful and stylish. I was so glad to have ordered this product because not only it looks so attractive but on the other hand it is so comortable and easy to wear. 

Put it inside a transparent or translucent top and you are good to go. 
Go girls, rule the world. 

All in All i had a wonderful eperience with NOT JUST TIARAS and i am surely ordering more products from this place. What are you waiting for? 

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