Saturday, 12 November 2016



Missfoodiediaries recently visited THE PENINSULA GRAND at sakinaka andheri.
The hotel is situated next to the sakinaka metro station.
The entrance of this place is spiral staircase leading to antique wooden door.
The ambience of this hotel is welcoming with wooden interiors and pink and white colours.
They also have gazal nights.
Coming to food, these happy place serves cuisines like Indian,Mughlai,Italian,Continental and oriental.
Initially we were served these coolers
• Green apple juice which was kind off detoxing drink
• Thandai which was made of milk with wholesome pistas,cashews,almonds and rich kesar.

• Chicken manchow soup- It was mild spicy soup with fresh vegetables and shredded chicken.

Coming to starters
We were served a veg platter and a non veg platter.
• Veg platter they have named it sabji miljuli which really goes with the dish as they have variety like a spicy mushroom tandoor, paneer tikkas,naram dil kebab ( paneer smashed and cooked in red chilly),cauliflower tandoor ( which was quite uniquely covered in green gravy and tasted super yummy) seekh kebab and harabara kebab

• Non veg platter- This dish was a real treat to me as my heart is where chicken is. The food in the platter made love to my soul. The platter consisted of a spicy breast and leg piece of chicken properly tandoored (grilled) with absolutely right blend of red masala,fish kebab ( rawas fried appropriately till it gave a brownish tinge to the fish ) mutton kebab ( long kebabs made in red paste)

By the time we were to reach the main course the platters clean bowled my appetite.
So we chose this light oriental chicken schezwan fried rice with the most tasty chicken manchurian i ever had. It was not to spicy not too bland but just perfect.

As the rule of every food lover says no matter what and how much you eat there is always a room for dessert.
We were served this chef's signature dessert named madhur milan (fusion of sweet)
This dessert was blow torched and had bundi at the bottom with gulab jamun in the middle and also rabdi in the top most layer
With cherry on dessert and sprinkled pistachios,almond flakes. Such a treat.

We signed off the meal with absolutely no place for anything but much happiness within.


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