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Missfoodiediaries is spreading the love for food in Mumbai more and more with each passing day.
So here's another blogpost about brunch scenes at Desi deli in Bandra.
Desi deli is a small cafe situated at reclamation.
It's a small cafe which can accommodate 6/8 people at a time with comfortable seating and the little interiors that have surely lit the place.
They have newly launched the bruch menu.
We started with The brekky dog where you are given option of chicken and pork. Between breads there is a nicely cooked sausage topped with cheese and eggs. It comes with a side of sauteed garlic and mushrooms which tasted delectable.

Next we had the new in entire town 'Wah wah brekky'
It was definitely on point and the best and unique dish i had.
It was served in a tall glass layered with healthy oats,spinach,eggs,white sauced mushrooms and chunks of chicken.
Also served with bread sticks and toast.
This dish is capable to fill your stomach completely.

Followed by hot chocolate.
Open cafe, breezy morning and a cup of this tempting hot chocolate on a good Sunday morning. Sounds perfect, isn't it?
The hot chocolate was as perfect as it looks in the picture.

We signed off with french toast and chicken sausage topped with coffee infused honey. The toast was little to the sweet side but the sausage balanced the dish.

Overall the place is quite expensive for the portions that they are serving but they definitely have a unique menu and sorted brunch scenes.


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