Sunday, 28 February 2016


Khan Market is a hub for people who loves food and fashion. A new addition in this gorgeous place is The Chatter House. It is also located in Nehru Place and their new restaurant is bigger and better. Below is our experience on the preview meetup of this place. 

Chatter House, Khan market is a place that stands on its own in a hub where there are so many bars and restaurants. A nice irish theme pub and has a classy ambience. The brick decor gives a British vibe, with ample seating area. As the name suggests the place is ideal for chit chatting. The walls have newspaper clippings with lyrics of Irish folk songs. 

The semi open terrace is the best spot to sit in because it is half covered with thick glass so we can sit there in summers too...


In drinks we ordered Red Sangria which had right amount of alcohol in it .

 Watermelon Mojito and Amaretto sour were very refreshing and perfect for the weather. 


.In starters we had 'Garden in a bowl' , unique name isn't it? A fresh baby vegetable salad over smoked yoghurt , though the quantity was less but it is worth giving a try. Dahi Ke kababs were delectable and were soft enough that they melted in our mouths.

 Balls on fire, small meat balls simmered in tomato chipotle gravy , feta and smoked chilly tasted like heaven!

 Med prawns were cooked in orange gravy  finished with aged parmesan which was lip smacking. 

Chicken parmiggina , baked crumbled chicken , topped with Ham and mozarella served with fries and side salad was a yummy treat for our stomach

Chicken Chorizo Croquets , panko crumbed cheesy chicken chorizo served with paprika aioli is a must try!

 In the main course we had Blue cheese naan with pineapple on top was served with dal makhni shots , full marks to the presentation , also it had an amazing taste.

 And oh! how could i forget their burgers , the chicken steak burgers and fish steak burgers are to die for!

 The veg burger was equally delicious. Definitely they're serving the best burgers in town.

 The veg pizza had a thin crust and it will certainly please your taste buds. 

Mac and cheese was a heavenly dish and who doesn't love cheese?
 It's available in both with bacon and without , still drooling over it! 

 On the whole dining at chatter house, it was a marvellous experience and impeccable service made it better , definitely visiting it again .

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