Thursday, 4 February 2016

CAFFE TONINO- Serving Authenticity

Yes we live in Delhi where mostly people crave for punjabi food with tadka and spice. They usually spend their weekend partying and indulging into butter chicken and naan. But some of us craves for a delicious authentic meal. It can be anything but it should be completely authentic i.e. without any changes in the real recipe. 

 Recently I visited Caffe Tonino, Connaught Place and If i want to use the word authentic, i will use it for this very place. First of all they have this beautiful entrance and a gorgeous gallery which has some really nice and quirky photographs hanging on the wall. The moment you enter you will see loads of lights and a very spacious restaurant is waiting for you. I loved the interiors way too much and to be honest it did resemble the restaurants we see in Italy. 

Their photo gallery is the most expensive part of the entire restaurant and they also have a giant bar in the end. 

Coming on the food I had here.

They served us a bread basket which had some breads and two dips which were really tasty. 

Then, we ordered our cocktails and mocktails. They have a wide variety of drinks in their menu. 
We had, A Cold Coffee,  LIIT and Margharita. All these drinks were really good and they looked so pretty too. 

Now we come to the starters. 


This was grilled chicken skewers with garlic, rosemary, lemon, peppers and was served with a tomato chilli jam. The chicken was tender and juicy and so were the vegetables. It was a really tasty appetizer. 


This dish was a mix of breaded beans, ricotta stuffed zucchini, cheesy mushrooms, mozzarella fingers served with tomato chilli jam and tartar dip. 
So many components in one plate but they all had distinguished flavors. My favorite was the mozzarella fingers. The two dips were really delectable and complimented everything else on the plate really well. 


This pizza sandwich looked like a calzone but was actually an open sandwich. It had tomatoes, mozzarella, grilled zucchini, grilled bell peppers, olives, sundried tomatoes, etc., and was served with pesto and cajun fries. I personally loved this sandwich because it was different yet authentic. It was overloaded with everything and each of these elements went well together. 


I am a big fish and chips fan and the moment i indulged into this one, i was in love. It was really something so good that i wanted to eat the entire plate alone and not share it with anyone. So, the fish was really on point and melted in my mouth. The two dips were really going well with the fish and the fries were oh so amazing. All in all an ambrosial dish that i can have three four times a day. 



So, this is what an authentic Italian pizza looks and tastes like. 

It had mozzarella, tomatoes and basil and was a wood fired pizza. It was just brilliant. I have no other word to describe this pizza. Simplicity at its best. If you feel that its not spicy or too cheesy so let me tell you that this is how it should be. If you're looking for original flavors then you i will surely recommend this one. 


Spinach and ricotta tortelloni with creamy saffron sauce and herb oil. 
The second time i had tortelloni and i loved it way too much. The pasta was soft and it had spinach in such a manner that it didn't taste like spinach but rather something really tasty. The creamy sauce was yum and flavorful. My love for pasta has increased even more after eating this dish. 



Tiramisu, an Italian dessert which if not nailed by the chef turns into a disaster. I had some really high hopes from this Tiramisu and the moment i got a spoonful in my mouth, i went to a different galaxy. It literally got over in 2-3 minutes and was so delicious and heavenly. The restaurant proved it is indeed authentic because it was very hard to make a perfect tiramisu. Full marks.


These two desserts were really delectable and droolworthy. 

Caffe Tonino serves some really unbelievable desserts and you cant miss them at all. 

Caffe Tonino also serves some all day breakfast and from that i ordered pancakes. 
Pancakes are truly a healthy and tasty option for your breakfast. They had chocolate syrup, whipped cream and maple syrup. These pancakes were really delicious. 

My experience at Caffe Tonino was really good. From their service to their food quality and quantity, i enjoyed everything. If you are A genuine Italian food lover then this should be your next destination.

Ending with a cappucino and with a smile.


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