Monday, 28 December 2015

Barcelos- The Ultimate Food Cruise

Visited Barcelos, Khan Market today.
 Khan Market is like the hub for good pricey restaurants which serves some amazing food. I always have so much of fun when I go to Khan Market because it just makes you feel so blessed to see all your favorite restaurants at the same place. 

Barcelos is one of those talked about portuguese restaurant which serves some brilliant food. 
If i begin with the decor, it was pretty, calm and spacious. They've got two floors for the customers and the entire atmosphere is nice. Very quick service and the staff is aware about what exactly is the dish and what are its qualities. 

Let's begin with all that I ate here :-


Had this oh so delish dish called veri peri grilled chicken. This is their very famous dish and is served with one or two sides. I ordered for coleslaw salad as a side. 
So, this chicken piece is 1/4 and is sufficient for two hungry people. Loved the sauce and the delectable taste it had. If you don't like spicy food, then you might try their mild peri grilled chicken. 
The chicken was tender and juicy and was melting in my mouth within seconds. Also, if you are a die hard spicy food fan then try their peri peri grilled chicken to give a kick to your taste buds. If you are planning to go to Barcelos, don't forget to try out this appetizing dish and satitate your tastebuds. 

The coleslaw salad was really yummy and its taste was so on point. 
This dish was a complete package for a chicken lover.


Barcelos has also started some new and trendy boozy shakes which are your favorite tiramisu or chocolate shake mixed with alcohol to give you the yummy taste of shakes and the awesome feeling of booze. They've got an entire page filled with various sangrias and they all look very interesting. Definitely try their tiramisu boozy shake. 


So, these are another very famous inventions started by Barcelos. These beautiful looking mini burgers will just make you fall in love with burgers more and more. My favorite was the red one. They've all got the same grilled chicken inside it and they are called the world's healthiest burgers. Give them a try and experience something new. 
As a side i took regular fries and they turned out pretty delicious and the dip along with it was kickass.


My final dish at barcelos was this gorgeous chicken sizzler. Love the veggies inside it and the chicken was too yummy. Filled my tummy with happiness and satisfaction. 

MISSFOODIEDIARIES wishes you  Happy New Year in Advance.


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