Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pepper Tap- The app that does it all

A weekend is all about lying around doing nothing. But, *spoiler alert* you have to go and do grocery shopping. Well, this is like a story of every household and thus to rescue you from your misery we bring you Pepper Tap. An app that provides you with all types of grocery items like, fruits and vegetables, drinks and dairy, staple food and even beauty products, etc.

This app is found in play store or apple store and is very easy to download. The moment you open it you get a pop up message saying “20 percent off on your first shopping” and that immediately brings a smile on your face. Until and unless you make an app which is user friendly and easy to handle, a person will not enjoy using it and this is a plus point of pepper tap because it is very easy to use and has very clear instructions regarding how to order and all.

While ordering we didn’t face any problem at all. The items were clearly mentioned with their respective prices and quantities. The products are divided into categories which makes our work smoother. One thing that was a major highlight was how quirky the app looks. Various colors are seen and a clear picture of every product is available.

So, it was a lazy weekend and my mom and dad were not ready to get dressed and go out in this burning sun and that is when I suggested them to try pepper tap. As soon as dad started ordering my mom got all excited and took the phone with her and decided to shop by her own self. Mom loves grocery shopping and now she loves it more because she can sit in her room and order rather than going out and standing in long queues to buy things. Also, we got that 20% discount on our first order and the payment was done really easily.

Finally, our products arrived within few hours of placing the order and they came in red colored bags which were oh so cute. Everything was mentioned in the bill very clearly and so we did enjoy our first experience with Pepper Tap way too much. And now my mother has uploaded the app on her phone and will be doing all her shopping without anyone’s help… Dad, watch out!

 I will definitely recommend everybody to use this app the next time you plan grocery shopping and trust me it will become your new best friend.


  1. Very well written. Definitely gonna try it.

    1. Hey, thankyou for your kind words.
      Do try and you will love it :)